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New Year- New ME?

Hello Hello!

It's been over a year since I did an introduction so to all those who have joined in the last 12 months- Welcome!

My name is Cham Edussuriya and I am a Food Educator in the simplest terms. I have worn many hats in my adult career from catering, restaurant work, Montessori teacher, Zoom teaching, homeschooling mom, Regen Agriculture student, to now Integrative Health Coach and Trauma Informed Movement Training- aka somatic healing.

I love food, working with people- especially the younger ones, and focusing on health. It took me out of the classroom as I was tired of the pressure from high expectation parents who wanted their 3 year olds coding and getting into Harvard when they lacked the ability to wipe their bottoms or feed themselves. Focusing on the fundamentals and seeing the benefits of movement, nature and food in all children, but more dramatically on children who were neurodivergent led me down a new path. I wanted to focus on movement, food and health. I also wanted to leave a place that was not good for my health. I stepped out and created my own business with food related summer and weekend camps. This evolved into health and now trauma informed movement- based on polyvagal theory and neuroscience.

I love learning about the brain, human connection, movement and food. I believe these are all essential to what makes us human and gives us a meaningful experience with those we surround ourselves with. I believe in building community and having food as the center of it. If we share a part of who we are from our heritage, we find ways to build a relationship with others.

I love to travel, hike, camp, eat, cook with others (and on occasion FOR), and learn about the history and diversity of food and culture. I love to learn the way food is woven through geography, and history. I strive to bring this into all the classes, courses and workshops I teach both young and wise. I also love to weave in gardening and botany to give perspective that we are interconnected with nature and a truly symbiotic relationship is vital for the survival of all species on this planet. Yes, I'm a bit of an environmentalist as well, but not as fervent as I used to be. I need to sleep at night.

This is the long and short of me. What I do is reflected in my social media posts on Instagram stories, grid, and the private Facebook Group. I hope you are enjoying them. I hope you find time to like, or comment so you too can be a part of this community. I invite you to invite your friends or family to join if you feel this is helpful. Due to the algorithm of this piece of work you will not see posts if you don't interact with them on a weekly basis. It is out of my control, so I can only work with it the way it is.

The website is still in works as I have not done much to it in a year or so- been a tad busy with non-profit work and school work. However, I hope to get to it to reflect the services I offer.

Thank you for your time and for your energy!


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You're so pretty 😘

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