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Mind Body Awareness Workshop

Are you still wanting to focus on you this year? To take time for yourself so you can be there for others? Is it challenging to start and you don’t know where? Well I’ve got you covered. 

This 4 week workshop goes over the basics listed. We will dive into the necessary information and get to the core of things. Everyone comes in with their lives, their stories, their health history etc.  We are all different so this is not a 1 size program. This is information you take back and decide how you want to start. 

Who is this program for? Do you experience brain fog, lethargy, mood or anxiety issues, gut issues, auto-immune disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, metabolic issues, inflammation, digestive problems, IBS, heartburn, constipation, weight loss/gain issues? If you struggle with this and want to know a little more of what's going on inside you, come join us.

Why a group? When we learn with others we learn that we are NOT alone. This enables us to have trust and vulnerability. This allows us to grow and in this growth together we can change and create lasting change. 

We are going to get started on a second  group for March. Please fill out the form here so I can contact you or send me an email at  Start date is TBD once we have enough people joining. Share with a friend so you can do it together.

It’s been a lot of fun this session and I look forward to working with more of you soon. Please share this post to spread the word.

Please note: Space is limited to 20 participants (we're already filling up!)

Yes there are plenty of automated programs you can buy but there’s no accountability and you’re on your own. Here, our current group has been sharing their joys, struggles, goals and delicious food photos and the feedback is joyous. 

Know someone who might be interested? Tag them here. Are you a fitness coach or personal trainer who has client who need nutritional and wellness guidance? Please feel free to share, it’s through community that we all thrive and succeed. 

Thank you 🙏🏽

This workshop is for educational purposes and is in a group format. If you are interested in one-on-one coaching and consultations, please fill out the form accordingly. More information is available if you email me. As an Integrative Health Coach and Trauma Informed Movement Coach, I am hoping to give you a little taste of the myriad ways in which we can take care of our health on a daily basis. It is overwhelming to sort out all the information out there, and much of it contradicts one another. You already know so much of it, but where do you start? What are the key concepts and takeaways that we can do daily? Is there a superfood or 1 daily dose of something to take? You have already begun your search but you need someone to help guide you. This is what a coach does. This is why I have created this course to help you figure out what to do, but you won't be doing this alone. You will have a group to share and learn from. We meet weekly via Zoom or it is recorded if you cannot attend. There will be additional information for you once you sign up to the private group. Don't wait for next time, as we all know that may never happen. I am offering these classes as needed so it may not be available in a few months. Don't forget to follow on Instagram to keep up with tips and ideas on how to maintain your health. It's a great way to get reminders as we all slide and forget. As a coach, I too have 3-4 coaches who I work with that also help to keep me on track. Co-regulation and having a network of like-minded people to support you is key. I hope that I can become one of those people to help support you.

What people are saying about their experience with this:

"There is a lot of information on the internet and on social media that this course condensed in an approachable and FUN way. While food is certainly a large part of the health equation, this course took all aspects of health into account. The education provided was clearly delivered by a real educator. Sustainable, real change take time and effort, and the fundamentals of how that change is accomplished are all outlined in this course". - Lisa A. (Chicago)

"This workshop is top-notch and equipped with so much useful information about both the body and the mind. The course is created with such passion and such a clear/easy understanding of the information shared, that anyone would be able to apply it to their daily life right away. The instructor stops many times through the lectures to help answer any questions and clarify any information if necessary. She is a very energetic and passionate teacher, which makes the lectures way more fun for her students. I would highly recommend this course to anyone out there wanting to take control of their health regardless of where they are in their healing journey. I had so much fun during these 4 weeks and I am forever grateful for all of the knowledge learned and put into practice already. Thank you, Cham!!"

Would you recommend this course to anyone else?

"I absolutely would recommend it! I think the information shared was provided in a logical manner, building off of each session"

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone out there wanting to learn about their body and how to improve their health."

Examples of how we share our learning and outcomes:


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