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Are You Connecting to Nature Regularly?

Get out into nature. Nature heals. The joys of the simple things are not just for kids. It’s for all of us. Nature not only heals the soul, it heals us from the inside out- it supports a healthy gut microbiome. When you get a chance to be in nature don’t rush. This is not a time to “get exercise” get into zone 2, etc. this is a time to reset. Exercise with the mindset of exercising. Be in nature with the intention of regulating your nervous system.

Don't like to go out alone? Find a friend, create a weekly, monthly routine where you meet outdoors in nature. Take the time to talk, sit, touch, and enjoy your time connecting with each other and with nature.

Finding time to get outdoors - and with others, it helps to reset not only your social needs but your nervous system and your gut microbiome. Small details that are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Still making New Year’s resolutions? Add Nature into your list. We are interconnected to this planet and our health is dependent upon our interactions with it.

Living in a city we can’t always find time to be barefoot outside. But when you do get a chance, especially if you travel to a place that you can put your feet on the ground, listen to nature and take a moment to connect, take the opportunity. Not only is this good for your body, mind and soul it’s also great for your gut microbiome. Touch, feel and then don’t be in a rush to sanitize. We need to connect to nature to allow the bacteria in our gut to thrive and grow.

Want more on this? Listen and follow @kiranbiome who is an expert on all this. I’ve been following and listening and just can’t get enough.


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