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New Programs Launching!

We’re back! Coming out on the other side of Covid, the time at home has given me a new perspective and new opportunities. I’ve had a chance to connect with more people both adults and children virtually, teach remotely, get feedback from friends and parents and their children’s needs, witness and hear what parents want to change in their homes or feed their children.

I’ve had time to process, work on my craft, think things through, and come up with a clear plan and vision on how I can serve my community. Through all my experiences, changes in careers, and wide range of working with children from all ages – I think I am now in a place that I know what I can provide as a service

Lots of new programs and workshops are coming soon. Some the same and some different. Adversity is to adapt to our current situation and circumstances, and so we will do what we can keeping the health and safety of all of us in mind.

There are now going to be 3 types of programs I will offer you.

1. Kids- in person or online camps that focus on food, sustainability, geography, botany, culture and history. All maintaining Montessori philosophy and methodology. Working with each child’s development and unique personality is the main focus

2. Adults- in person supper clubs where you can experience a rotating cultural cuisine highlighting local produce. The goal of these is to experience the nature of slow and sustainable food practices applied to various cultural foods. See FAQ's for more Supper Club info.

3. Family- the launch of new online workshops and mini web sessions will feature topics that I have gathered over the past 20 years. Let’s focus on sustainable practices for your family’s long term well-being that includes food, mindfulness and respect for the Earth. The goal of these are to give you tools that you can implement in your home kitchen and dining that feed the body and mind. Growth and development oriented programs in short and long sessions where you will have access to individualized attention so we can focus on your individual family and culture. These will be presented as Lunch and Learn or Family Meals- Recalim your Kitchen will be a 7 week module where you will join a small group and we focus on a rotating topics and work through making small changes for long term goals for your family.

I’m looking forward to supporting you or a friend or neighbor you might know. From young and new families with little ones who need extra support, to families with teens who find themselves wanting to make changes, I’m here to support you.

Let’s not wait until we are adults to make healthy food choices. We can guide our children at an early age and I hope that through a variety of programs I can find a way to connect with all of you. My goal in these programs is to also support the preservation of our own cultural food heritage and to support you in passing this on to the next generation. We must learn to preserve our cultural history on our plates and not just through books and media.

Please follow along as we dive into a lot more of these topics together and I hope to learn from you as I have learned from all the families I’ve worked with in the past. This exchange of knowledge is what keeps us growing and important for our children to be a part of. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.




Heritage on a plate Follow on Instagram for up-to-date info on programs @homegrownurban also @homegrownurbanfoods

We offer healthy snacks during our summer camps

Grinding wheat to make flour.

Rolling out dough for pizza

Making our own pasta with some of the grain we milled- summer camp or mini camps

working together to prepare lunch- summer and mini camps

Making fresh pasta with some of our own milled grains

Studying seeds and how seeds grow into plants- summer camps

Learning appliqué and creating felt placemats

Learning about the diversity of our National Parks and creating booklets

Fresh fruit juices made by the kids

Learning about Morocco and cooking chicken tagine and salad with mint tea

Learning about heirloom wheat crops with farmer Mai Nguyen


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