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FAQ on Supper Clubs:

What is a Supper Club?

A supper club is a social gathering in someone’s home or venue that is put on by people who are interested in cooking a meal for others to gather around. The host prepares the meal and guests pay for this service to attend. This is an opportunity for friends to gather, and people to make new friends.

What’s the purpose?

The purpose of my supper clubs is to 1. Cook for you, 2. Showcase the incredible local farm produce and, 3. Offer themed meals from various countries or regions. I focus on Sri Lankan food as this is my country of origin and birthplace. I lived and learned to cook there. As a child I loved to be in the kitchen and learned to cook on a fireplace outside with child size clay pots. I love to travel and learn to cook dishes from other countries and regions. I don’t take credit or claim authenticity in anything other than my own food. What I claim is that the food is made by my own hands, and with my own creative license using the values of the *Slow Food movement. I roast and blend spices to create my own homemade curry powders.

There are no restaurants that offer Sri Lankan food in San Diego. It is a unique blend of foods from many countries and practices rooted in Ayurvedic medicine. I hope to bring this food to your pallet and introduce these flavors and dishes to my community. I want my homeland's food to be viewed as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” as it is often referenced.

How do you price the events?

The cost of the event varies based on the menu. This is due to the market value of the ingredients as I shop local and organic whenever possible. My goal is to offer a high quality meal that also tastes great. I have priced these meals based on restaurant offerings and it is definitely a much better deal when you consider all that you get including the smaller intimate experience.

Sri Lankan food as is the case with most ethnic food takes time, patience, and lots of love to prepare. This food is truly made by hand and is definitely manual labor. It deserves to be recognized as such, and so I believe that food should reflect its equal in monetary value. This is an experience of the food, venue, and overall ambiance. Alcohol is BYO to keep the cost down to just the food. This way, you can participate in a drink to your liking. I will offer suggestions of beer and wine to pair with the menu. Most supperclubs offer alcohol, however, I am choosing to focus on the food to make this affordable to all.

Who can attend?

Supper Clubs are for vaccinated adults only. It is for anyone who is living and visiting San Diego and who would like to participate in a unique experience. It is for anyone who would like to try new food. It is for you and your friends to sit back and relax and have a great time while we take care of you. It is a set menu that you agree to before arriving and you don’t need to think about anything else other than enjoying your meal.

How do I join?

Each supper club will be listed under Events on Here you can select the upcoming event and purchase your ticket through there. Please note that contacting me or directly sending me funds through Venmo will not guarantee your seat. You will need to RSVP yourself. There is a sales tax collected through the site.

What is your training?

I have many years of helping my mother and grandmother in our home kitchen and years of cooking on my own home. I have many, many years working in restaurants as wait staff and also in catering. I am self-taught and continue to learn from others taking online, or in person cooking classes whenever possible. I love cookbooks, and test out recipes on my own family, friends and neighbors. I also love to teach kids to cook, and discuss the history and cultures from where foods originate and transcend. My educational background is a BA in Psychology and a MA in Montessori Education through the Association Montessori International. I also have a small scale organic and regenerative farming course I recently graduated from that I am so proud of!

Supper Club Etiquette

Please note that you will be seated with friends and strangers. Be kind and courteous to all. If possible avoid politics and religion to not offend anyone. Requesting seating assignments are eligible only if you paid for a full table. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and share your journey with others so we encourage you to come with an open heart.

Seating Requests:

You may request a table of 6 seats if you have a party to fill up the entire table. All members of the party need to purchase tickets within the same week. If anyone in your party does not attend you will forgo the reservation.


Tipping your host is not necessary, but if you would like to bring some cash to tip our young wait staff they will be most delighted.

Refund Policy:

Starting 2022 there will be a NO REFUND policy. You are welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend who is also vaccinated.

Covid Protocol:

At the moment we have 3 tables to offer you so everyone is spaced apart as best as possible. All adults attending must be vaccinated. If we are uncertain we will request a photo of your vaccination card- please know that this is for everyone’s safety including those of us who have young children. You will need to bring a mask to wear inside to use the restroom. The seating will be rearranged to a long dining table once we feel it is safe for all those attending and the general public health is secure.

We are a small family run business so be patient, courteous and kind. We strive to make this experience positive, exciting, memorable, educational and most importantly delicious. Our focus is on the food and the quality of the food we provide you. We hope you make the most of the setting to make it as enjoyable for you as possible. We are so thankful you are choosing to dine with us, and we hope you return again for a new flavor experience.

Thank you,



*Slow Food Movement -Good, Clean and Fair quality is an act of civilization and a tool to

improve the food system as it is today.


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