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Movement and Resistance Training

So so so important that we begin to shift our thinking from “being skinny” as a priority. Yes we need to loose body mass in fat but increase it in muscle mass and begin to store it for later in life. So if you’re over 40 and don’t do any kind of resistance training and you think cardio is your answer- think again. Yes we need cardio but walking 8-10k steps a day will help IF you also incorporate a 3-4 day resistance training workout of about 30 min. Fitness is not the same as health. I know they usually go together but it’s not. Fitness is your ability to perform. Health is what is going on inside your body from your cells to your organs. Thin is not a sign of health and overweight is not necessarily a sign of unhealthy. Genetics, ethnicity, diet( religious and ancestral backed) all play bigger roles in our physical appearances than how we exercise. There’s a lot to this and I intend to be more specific with my clients in all this. But for now, consider beginning with body weight exercises and shifting to bands and some weights to strengthen your muscles and your heart.❤️ Starting age 27 we slowly begin to loose muscle mass over time. It’s vital that we maintain strength for injury prevention and bone density. Do you do any resistance or strength training? If so what do you do? If not, what’s holding you back?


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