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Exciting New Events!

Hello Everyone,

Officially this is my first post after launching this new website. I have lots of new events planned and hope to create lots of new content for students, reading, and short webinars as well. Please subscribe to stay up to date on things listed. I'm not a regular blogger so you will not be getting weekly posts. Do check out my Instagram @homegrownurban for current events, programs, and prepared foods for sale. Lots more details to come as I work out new programs for kids, Supper Clubs for adults, and general content for families. I hope to set up some weekend cooking camps for students in various age groups. If you're interested in small group events (less than 10) for teambuilding exercises- cub scouts, girl scouts, teen clubs, parent groups, etc, please contact me to see what we can arrange. You can contact me through here, or at

Thank you for all your encouragement and support!




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