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Early hand-eye coordination activities.

This is roughly 10 years ago. Working on pincer grip and concentration. I made a lot of these small felt balls which are ideal for toddler fingers.

Start early, start young, keep away electronics as long as you can, keep their hands busy with real objects, give a variety of engaging activities, all senses need to be activated and stimulated. Children need activities for self-creation. They do the internal work so we must provide the right environment. Be sure to include the kitchen- the real one and not a toy kitchen ad part of the daily activities.

Yes, all these basic and foundational movements are necessary for academics but more so for life!

More on the younger years will be shared soon. It’s only in retrospect that I now feel confident to speak and share from a position of knowledge. In the moment, we were all still doing and learning and learning from mistakes. What I have to share here is not from moment to moment but a collection of experiences from my own children and my work with other children.


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