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Local Organic Produce

I’d like to spend some time and discuss the importance of local organic produce. And by organic I want to be clear that it does not need to be certified organic as this is a huge and expensive process for small farmers to undertake. I will go into this at a later point. But mainly, you need to find farms that don’t spray pesticides or herbicides and use good regenerative soil practices. How do you know this? Just ask. Talk to the farmers. Get to know them. Why is local produce better than what you get at a grocery store or shopping online? Again this is a lot to delve into but here are just a few: 1. You get the freshest produce picked the same day or the day before. 2. You are eating food at its highest nutritional peak and flavor. 3. Small farmers grow non commercial and heirloom varieties of produce. This is so people can try new things. They don’t make much profit from this but they offer something to their customers pallet. The commercial varieties have been bred to withstand being transported for thousands of miles and having a longer shelf life. 4. Food that is local is part of the local ecosystem and helps to maintain local biodiversity and soil health 5. Small scale farming is done with minimal farm equipment which reduces the carbon footprint of their business. Most of it is manual labor- and let’s put that another way- it’s done by someone’s hands, body, and feet bending over for hours producing food for you. I’ll stop here for now but if you take 1 thing from this even if it’s in your best interest then: eat local because it contains higher levels of micronutrient that your body needs. Foods that spend more time on the shelf or picked ahead don’t have all the bioavailable nutrients your body needs. Small scale farming is done out of love for food nature and community. There is very little profit but ask any of these farmers and they feel blessed and have the deepest gratitude and attitude for life. Commercial large scale mono crops are part of another story. Let’s focus on the people in our area that spend 7 days a week growing our food.

Challenge: Shop your local farmers market this week. Just buy 1 new vegetable you have never had before. Make it a goal and soon you will be full of all kinds of goodness.

And what does this do for your mental health? Well it gets you out meeting and talking to people increasing your serotonin and neuroplasticity. Thanks guys! Have a great and healthy week! Can’t wait to hear what you buy. Please tag me if you post a picture or text me. I love to see what you make.


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