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Ways to keep your kids busy during school closures

For those of you who are looking for ways to keep your kids busy during school closures.

Outschool- has some interesting online classes using Zoom to connect with teachers and other students.

Mystery Science has great science activities that they can watch and then work on.

If you're looking for worksheets- Teachers pay teachers is a good source also has a lot of math and puzzles.

Visit the library and take out loads of books from the children's non-fiction section. Create a curriculum from this if you haven't been given anything from your teachers or to supplement what has been given.

Ted-Ed has good short educational videos. Also, Planet Earth, Our Planet, Brain Games- all videos, but if you need to change it up.

Also, just let them play and have a break! They need it. I will post a few things in the next few days about some activities we are doing as part of our home school.

Please share if you have suggestions for parents who are looking for ways to keep their kids engaged and going.


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