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Family Meals Workshop

Reclaim your kitchen to create healthy, homemade meals together!

This workshop gives you the tools to maintain effective changes at a pace that works for your unique family.


We will focus on getting the whole family involved.

Are you a busy family with hardly any time to cook fresh meals?

Are you dealing with making separate meals for kids and adults?

Are you spending your money on to-go foods/ meal kits?

Do you want your kids eating more veggies?

Do you want your kids eating less sugary foods?

Do you just need help getting a plan of action in how the whole family can be involved in making healthy meals?

Or if you're a young family, do you want to get your babies/toddlers started on the right path early?

If you answer "yes" to more than 1 of these then keep reading...

Gourmet Meal

You are not alone, and you CAN do this!  


This is a short 7 week program, but these changes will last forever.  I will be supporting you and guiding you along this path to health, wellness, and a lot more healthy home-made meals.  


This is not a diet plan, or a recipe providing (30min meals) program.  This is helping you decide what is BEST for your family, and how to nourish their bodies (even with dietary restrictions). 

Want to know if this is right for you? Set up a consultation call.


Mother and Daughters Cooking

Program Details

  • 7 weeks for effective change in small steps

  • Weekly phone call check-ins

  • Weekly informational webinars (live or recorded) and Q&A sessions

  • 2 cooking classes

  • See below for course details.

Additional Details

  • Understanding food, nutrition and setting goals

  • Accountability through 1-on-1 check-ins

  • Private access to FB or Wix groups

  • Total time commitment per week 1-2 hours max!

  • Group size is limited to 6 families (only parent(s) need to attend the meetings)

  • Introductory rate of $750

Father and Daughter Cooking

Free Bonus Items

Cooking Classes

2 cooking classes for the whole family to join.

Lunch & Learns

Access to any Lunch and Learn during workshop months

Education Resources

Reading resources, Videos, Tutorials, Recipes, and so much more via Group.

Course Outline:

  • Week 1: Assessment- Getting to know you and your family

  • Week 2: Vegetables and Fruit- Understanding nutrition through produce + how to obtain the highest nutrients that will serve our bodies for long-term health

  • Week 3: Industrial Agriculture- Food has changed over time, is this helping or hurting us? 

  • Week 4: Heritage Meals-  Preserving our heritage on a plate

  • Week 5: Pantry Staples- How to build a pantry the whole family can enjoy

  • Week 6: Meal Planning- How you can set up long-term meal plans and goals for your family

  • Week 7: Gut-Brain connection and Dis-ease- This is part of long-term health and preventative care

  •  2 Cooking classes based on your preferences, dates and times that work best for this group

Importance of including children in the kitchen

  • Kinesthetic learning

  • Fine and gross motor coordination and development

  • Focus and concentration

  • Integration of life skills

  • Sensory regulation especially for children who struggle with it or have food related issues

  • Developing hand strength for improved neural and cognitive activity

  • Real world experience for independence and self-care

  • Sense of joy, accomplishment, pride in collaborative work for family welfare

Things to accomplish:

  • Understand "healthy food"

  • Focus on whole foods and nutritionally dense meals

  • Adapt the kitchen to your family’s culture and heritage

  • Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan so you always have home-made food

  • Eating array of foods, vegetables and produce

  • Reduce convenience/ to-go/ and pre-packaged foods

  • Regenerative vs organic vs conventional foods

  • Eating seasonally and locally

  • Family oriented meals!

  • Adaptation and resilience

  • Independence- for children

  • Mindful and conscious eating

  • Learn about gut health, microbiome and how interconnected we are to nature


Food Photography

Samantha in Baltimore

You offer some serious high quality content and information that is good for anyone to know more about.

Fresh Pizzas

Heather in San Diego

I feel more confident to make these changes for my family. It has given me confidence to cook and look at food differently. I'm more mindful of what I'm giving my kids.


Elizabeth in San Diego

Your time and our conversations have given me strength. I feel stronger in my self and my body. I feel like I want to make changes for me and my son. The support is invaluable.

Why we need to reclaim our kitchen

Cooking Together

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