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Family Meals- Reclaim Your Kitchen Workshops

7 Week online workshop to reclaim your kitchen to create healthy, homemade meals together in a sustainable manner. This workshop gives you the tools to maintain effective changes at a pace that works for your unique family. We will focus on getting the whole family involved and independent.

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Family Meals- Reclaim Your Kitchen Workshops
Family Meals- Reclaim Your Kitchen Workshops

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Register for Fall

Zoom Webinars

About the Event

Are you a busy family with hardly any time to cook fresh meals? Are you dealing with making separate meals for kids and adults? Are you spending your money on to-go foods/ meal kits? Do you want your kids eating more veggies? Do you want your kids eating less sugary foods? Do you just need help getting a plan of action in how the whole family can be involved in making healthy meals? Or if you're a young family, do you want to get your babies/toddlers started on the right path early?

If you answer "yes" to more than 1 of these then keep reading.  You're not alone, and you CAN do this.  This is a short 7 week program, but these changes will last forever.  I will be supporting you and guiding you along this path to health, wellness, and a lot more healthy home-made meals.  

This is not a diet plan, or a recipe providing (30min meals) program.  This is helping you decide what is BEST for your family, and how to nourish their bodies (even with dietary restrictions). 

Keep reading- contact me for a free consultation and let's get you started. 

I have  space for 6 clients so RSVP soon to secure your spot and find out when our next session launches.

Here’s how my program is different:

Focus on family friendly meals- being a mom and a teacher, I learned what the struggles are for working parents with limited time, and I also saw what foods impact children while they are in school.

Heritage meals- being first generation and having friends and family who are first or second generation I know how important cultural foods are to our families.  Many of us struggle to balance nutrition, time, and also incorporating our cultural foods that sometimes take a lot more time than we have. We all have different kitchens, so let’s embrace it.

Individualized- with the time to connect with you 1-1 I can support your family’s needs in diet, time, food restrictions, and general life styles. We can’t all eat the same food, we don’t all come from the same background, and some are more/less comfortable in the kitchen.  I work with you, where you’re at.

Health- To anyone who needs extra support with their own personal journey for health goal setting, I offer an opportunity to make changes and be held accountable at this time as well. (This is free to you at this time). This is NOT a diet or nutrition program, but an opportunity to make changes that include self-care, nutrition, and exercise.

The Program:

  • 7 weeks where we will work slowly and incrementally to make small changes that will last a life-time. (I work with one of you and not the whole family, unless you’d like everyone to be involved)
  • Includes 6-7 video modules/ webinars (for those who can join live-40 min), weekly one-on-one phone calls (30-40 min).
  • Private Facebook group to share additional resources, videos, articles and an opportunity to share our progress.
  • 2 free online cooking classes for the whole family.

Program Summary: Nutrition for YOUR family being mindful of our environment and children’s developmental needs.

Want to schedule a free call to see if this is for you? Contact me at Or message me on IG @homegrownurban

  • Week 1: Assessment- Getting to know you and your family.
  • Week 2: Vegetables and Fruit- Understanding nutrition through produce + how to obtain the highest nutrients that will serve our bodies for long-term health.
  • Week 3: Industrial Agriculture- Food has changed over time, is this helping or hurting us?
  • Week 4: Heritage Meals-  Preserving our heritage on a plate.
  • Week 5: Pantry Staples- How to build a pantry the whole family can enjoy.
  • Week 6: Meal Planning- How you can set up long-term meal plans and goals for your family.
  • Week 7: Gut-Brain connection and Dis-ease- This is part of long-term health and preventative care.
  • 2 Cooking classes based on your preferences, dates and times that work best for this group.

Things to accomplish:

  • Eliminate convenience foods on a daily basis (packaged or pickup)
  • Focus on whole foods and nutritionally dense meals.
  • Adapt the kitchen to your family’s culture and heritage
  • Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan so you always have home-made food
  • Focus on sustainable practices
  • Reduce food waste and overconsumption
  • Find simple and effective changes to incorporate that will last
  • Learn about food choices and make the ones that suit your family's best needs including dietary needs.
  • Learn about agribusiness and food commercialism and how it impacts what you buy and how your kids eat.
  • Eating seasonally and locally

Importance of including children in the kitchen

  • Kinesthetic learning
  • Fine and gross motor coordination and development
  • Focus and concentration
  • Sensory regulation especially for children who struggle with it or have food related issues.
  • Developing hand strength for improved neural and cognitive activity
  • Real world experience for independence and self-care
  • Sense of joy, accomplishment, pride in collaborative work for family welfare

My Experience:

  • Classroom teacher
  • Cooking with kids 20+ years
  • Family guidance in children’s diet in regards to academics and behavior
  • Cooking camps for kids focusing on geography and culture
  • Gardening and small scale regenerative farming coursework
  • AMI Montessori trained teacher with MA and classroom experience
  • Family and Nature Advocate
  • Registered Herbal Academy Certification (expected completing Dec 2022)
  • Registered Health Coach (expected completion Dec 2022)

Pricing: $750 (Introductory rate)

- Includes 7 weeks of information modules.

- Time to get to know your family history, needs, cultural background, kids, etc

- Accountability of how things are progressing, changes made and to be made.

- Guidance on how to incorporate healthy foods, time management and children being involved.

- Informational modules will discuss brain foods, breakfast foods, kids lunches, and family meals, along with seasonal eating, convenience foods, and much more focusing on health and sustainability.

- Additional information to supplement the modules will also be sent weekly.

- Bonus Zoom session for 2 cooking classes

- Lunch and Learn webinars during workshop months.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone with kids, toddlers, or planning on having kids.
  • Anyone who is trying to find work/life balance and incorporate home cooked meals
  • Anyone who would like their family to eat “better” “healthier” eat out less, and learn to eat some meals as a family.
  • Group size is limited to 6 families (only parent(s) need to attend the meetings)

How to register

1. RSVP through this site providing an email

2. I will contact you for a free consultation

3. Make payment 

4. Fill out Google Forms sent via email

Once you commit you will receive an email from me with a Google Form that you will fill out on the first week of the program.  After that we will meet online as a group, and individually via phone call or zoom (your preference). 

Please share with anyone who would like to join or needs some guidance and help.  Thank you!

Note: Free consultation call to discuss if this is right for you. email me at or through the Wix site. 

Want to know more about me and this business? Check out this blog post for a bit more info.

Watch this video to know why we need to reclaim our kitchens!

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